1-Day Contest

UM’s Creative Director, Brendan Gaul, and I partnered with RGA to establish the look and feel of this inspiring campaign for Acuvue 1 Day.

ACUVUE gave teens with astigmatism a chance at teaming up with a celebrity mentor who understood their struggle all too well. The lucky winners were thrilled and uplifted, and their energy proved to be infectious. The campaign generated over 120K YouTube views, 400K  likes, and loads of positive engagement for the brand.

Agency: J3
Role: Art direction, Layout design, Branding
Executed: Photography, Custom Print, YouTube channel, Digital Banners, Story boarding, Graphix package


ACUVUE 1-DAY contest was showcased across multiple media platforms such as MTV, Seventeen Magazine, ABC Family, and more. The look of the campaign was bold yet approachable, which brought a relatable personality to the Acuvue brand that teens across the globe could connect with.